What Patients and Doctors Say about BVD & Prism Glasses

What do patients and referring doctors say about NeuroVisual™ Medicine and microprism glasses?

​​​​​​​Patient Testimonials & Doctor Testimonials

What Patients Say About their Binocular Vision Dysfunction and Microprism Glasses

With over 50,000 patients treated for BVD by NeuroVisual™ trained optometrists across the globe, there are a lot of patient stories of success, relief, and transformation. Patients of all ages have been affected by BVD and have received successful treatment with microprism glasses. Read and watch patients tell about their life changing NeuroVisual™ Exams and now living with greatly reduced symptoms with their microprism glasses.

Video 1 – Wendy's Path to Migraine Relief

Quote – “I’m not tired when I read now. School is not as hard, and I have more fun. My glasses make everything better.” - Justin

Video 2 – Robert 'Gets Back in the Game' after Car Accident

Quote – “I was about to be put into a special education class because I was having so many learning problems. That was ten years ago. These lenses changed everything, really! The headaches disappeared. Reading was so much easier and I could figure out my homework.” - Kali

Video 3 – Noah's Handwriting, Hand-eye Coordination, and Confidence

Quote – “I was riding my motorcycle and was hit from behind. The years that followed were filled with excruciating pain. I couldn’t cut the grass, cook, or do much of anything. Then, one of my therapists referred me to a BVD specialist. When I put on the trial lenses, the pain instantly left. This is the real deal.” - Roy

Video 4 – Laurelle Becomes Migraine Free

“I was having trouble focusing and getting really tired in school. I would take a 10mg Ritalin to concentrate in the afternoons. With my prism glasses, I’m able to concentrate more, take fewer breaks, and I don’t need to take Ritalin anymore.” - Jordan

What Doctors Have To Say About BVD

The network of medical professionals who refer patients to us for care has contributed to a growth in Binocular Vision Dysfunction awareness. What our collective research has taught us is that oftentimes patients have experienced doctors attempting to treat their symptoms rather than the actual cause - which could very likely be a patient’s eyes. This leads to patients being misdiagnosed and prescribed medications that do not help and therapies that do not bring relief.

When treated with microprism lenses for their BVD, the average patient experiences an 80% reduction of symptoms by the end of treatment.

Learn what doctors have to say about BVD in our below video.

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