What ages of patients do you see?

Dr. Collins sees patients from 4 to 94+.

Do you offer general eye care services?

Yes, we do! We evaluate patients for routine care, glasses, contacts, safety glasses, sports goggles, and check the general health of the eye to ensure no conditions affect them systemically or their eyes visually.

What is Binocular Vision Dysfunction & how do I get tested?

Binocular vision dysfunction is the way our brain processes the information from both our eyes. It's important for comfort and balance and knowing where you are in space. The way you are tested is by an exam that evaluates 6 muscles in your eyes to determine if both of your eyes are working properly. If you fill out the questionnaire on our website, you will be a likely candidate for testing. We will reach out to you to test out your binocular function.

What insurances do you take? Payment options?

You can view our list of vision & medical insurances on our insurance page here! We also have Care Credit if you're unable to pay with credit, check, or cash.