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Dizziness? Headaches? Blurry Vision? Concussion? Head trauma? Diabetes? Neurovision Rehab of PA can help you with cutting edge evaluation, precision eyewear and caring treatment. Neurological vision problems are on the rise and Dr. Kathryn Collins is one of only a handful of optometrists in the country who are certified in this highly specialized field. Make your appointment today!

What causes neurovision disorders?

Dr Kathryn Collins of Neurovision Rehab Center of PA explains neurovision disorders, what causes them and how she treats them. Dr. Collins is currently one of only 12 optometrists in the US certified to treat neurovision disorders associated with concussions and other head trauma, CTE, diabetes, sports injuries and other causes.

How Do Concussions Affect My Vision?

Dr Kathryn Collins explains concussions and the effects they have on your brain and vision. From sports concussions to work accidents to sudden falls, concussions have an impact on vision that can be lasting, but can also be treated with the right eye doctor.


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