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About Us

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Expert Pediatric Eye Care

When it comes to children's eye exams, we're Lancaster's top pediatric practice. With our recent award recognition, you can trust us to treat your children as our own. We specialize in conducting comfortable and effective eye exams for kids of all ages and personalities.


Specialized Vision Treatment

Dr. Kathryn Collins leads our team in treating binocular vision disorder with prism aligning glasses. Trained by Dr. Debby Feinberg, she's one of only 30 optometrists in the US with this expertise. As a Neurovision Rehabilitation expert and certified Brain Injury specialist, Dr. Collins addresses a range of vision-related conditions, from post-concussion or traumatic brain injury to dizziness, migraines, and more.


Comprehensive Eye Care Services

For 18 years, Kissel Eye Care has been serving the Lancaster and Lititz areas with top-notch eye care. From comprehensive eye exams to managing conditions like glaucoma, dry eyes, red eyes, and diabetic retinopathy, we're dedicated to your eye health.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Our practice stays ahead with modern eye health technology, including a retinal camera, OCT, and autorefractor. Plus, we use a "no-puff" tonometer for measuring eye pressure, ensuring a comfortable experience for every patient.

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