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Today, I walked out of Neurovision Rehabilitation Center of PA with my head up and focused on being able to see the trees in the forest for the first time since my car accident. Imagine seeing the forest but not being able to figure out which clump of leaves go with which tree trunk because the image was flat and most things had tails. Dr. Collins said my gait and balance would improve as well, but I was still tentative and apprehensive that I would stumble, wobble and look ready for a field sobriety test which I knew I could not pass. I began the process of driving home. The first good news I did not get lost trying to get out of the parking lot like my first visit. The ride home was exciting, the scenery was beautiful almost too beautiful to behold so I finally gave in and stopped on the way home just so I could look around without getting overwhelmed. Thank-you so much Dr. Collins and your team. I can only imagine improvement from here and I'm really smiling about it.

- Debra B.