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Dr. Kathryn Collins was amazing…

My mother had an appointment at this office. We live in VA but specifically came to PA for this office. When she arrived she was instantly pleased with the service and hospitality she received. The office manager, Susan was the person who greeted her first and she was one of the most kind, sincere, and attentive people she’d ever met. She helped with paperwork, answered all her questions, and overall made every visit to this office very pleasant.

Dr. Kathryn Collins was amazing. The first visit she spent 4 hours with my mother, running tests and verbally discussing/listening to all the issues/problems my mom had and proceeded to answer all questions and determine what my mom needed. I also wanted to mention Jessica and Theresa, they helped significantly and provided top tier service every time. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who had issues similar to my mother, which is excessive dizziness, imbalance issues, and any issues with your eyes.

- Liza P.